Bookstores Worth Visiting Around the Americas

I’ve written about the bookstore I stopped at in Taipei, Taiwan and I’ve written about libraries around the world I want to steal features from for my future home library, and now I’m going to share my bookstore bucket list with you. It’s no secret that I want to travel around the world and part of what I want to do in other countries is visit bookstores and fill my future library with books around the world.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Ares, Argentina is at the top of my list. The bookstore itself is beautiful, and, as of yet, my travels have not taken me to Latin America. I’m enthusiastic to see what the Shakespeare section of this book store looks like. As of now, I have a tradition of buying a book of Shakespeare’s Sonnets from every country I’ve visited. Right now, my collection is at 3. I’d like for one of my next copies to come from this gorgeous place:

Yes, I want to visit the pretty bookstore and buy all the books. ALL THE BOOKS.

On my way to Argentina from California, I could easily stop in Mexico City, Mexico and check out the CafebrerĂ­a El PĂ©ndulo, a bright, colorful, and dense bookstore full of happiness and wonder (because it is full of books and books themselves are filled with happiness and wonder).

This bookstore is solid books and beauty. I want to live there.

On that same road trip, I can stop over in Brazil to check out the Livraria da Vila bookstore which, holy crap, is amazing. I now have plans to install a book hole into my ceiling, somehow. I think that every house needs a book hole.

Look at the glory that is the book hole.

And, in this same trip, if I’m really bad at geography I can stop over in New York on my way home from Argentina to California. While, hopefully, no one is that bad at geography in America, the bookstore itself is worth the drive and is a bookstore here in the States that I do plan on visiting and adding a book or two to my collection from.

I’ve always wanted to gaze at books under chandelier light.

While I was, of course, in New York I’d have to drive back to California through Canada and visit bookstores like Chapters Runnymede in Toronto, Canada:

I just want to run down the aisle and touch every book I see. They all look like little glowing gemstones of pretty words.

Munro’s Books in Victoria, Canada:

I want to somehow combine the high wood panel ceilings with the book hole. That’d work, right?

Mind you, this is just my Americas list of bookstores I want to visit. If I were to add Europe to this list, well, I don’t think I’d ever stop writing. As of right now, I have a bookstore based road trip to plan. Cars can drive over the Panama Canal, right?

– Amanda Riggle


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