Shakespeare Nerd Status: +1,000 (Happy Birthday to Me!)

I’m turning 30 this year. I can’t say I’m exciting about it, but I do have an exciting birthday lined up.

And by exciting I mean I’ll be attending a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that is followed by a lecture by a Shakespearean on my actual birthday, which falls on a Friday.

This is me:

At a Shakespeare seminar, where I spoke, none the less.
At a Shakespeare seminar, where I spoke, none the less.

This is what I do for fun:

Awww yeah.

This is why I call myself a Shakespeare nerd.

Actually, there’s more. Readers of this blog will also know that I have a Shakespeare tattoo on my back, that I search for Shakespeare in other countries and collect sonnet books, that I watch Shakespeare films for enjoyment, and that I do research projects in my free time generally centered around Shakespeare pedagogy (or the teaching of Shakespeare).

Heck, one of the most used tags in this blog is Shakespeare. Even without my birthday celebration being at a Shakespeare play, I’d say I can still retain my status as a Shakespeare enthusiast.

If anyone needs further proof of my Shakespeare nerd status, check out my birthday list:

Author Pillows – what’s not to want?
Some light reading for pleasure.
More light reading.
This is more for research than for pleasure, but I want it nonetheless.
This is for fun – I want to read my professor’s take on the battle between romance and violence within the play.

Do you still want further proof? Check out what I’ve been reading on Goodreads:

And yet there are so many books left for me to read.
And yet there are so many books left for me to read.

So, I’m a Shakespeare nerd and I’m proud of it. This is all fun for me and, while I do like to do other things like video games, cooking, reading non Shakespeare books, and sleeping (never underestimate the fun of sleep), Shakespeare will always fascinate me and for that reason, I will never deny my nerd status.

For my birthday I am giving myself +1,000 nerd points for attending a Shakespeare play and I think it is a well deserved present.
– Amanda Riggle

Amanda Riggle

Amanda Riggle

Amanda is the Managing Editor at The Poetics Project and of The Socialist, the national magazine of The Socialist Party USA, as well as the Lead Editor of Pomona Valley Review's upcoming 11th issue. She graduated with a BA in English Education and a minor in Political Science. She is currently enrolled in an English MA program with an emphasis in Literature. During her free time, Amanda enjoys writing poetry, reading, traveling, crocheting, watching entire seasons of campy shows on Netflix, and, of course, writing blogs.
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