Meet The Future of E-Readers

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Kindle and of e-readers in general. I’ve advocated before that each student should have access to a Kindle or e-reader and have listed the various reasons why I’m in support of such technology being made available to students.

Technology is constantly advancing. The e-reader of today isn’t going to be our grandchildren’s e-reader. The future of e-readers lies in creating one that relates more closely to an actual book, sans pages, of course. The next step in the future of e-readers is bendable, foldable technology, and it’s almost here.


That looks pretty bent to me.
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Slate recently ran an article talking about the latest advances in e-reading technology.

I’m excited for the next generation of e-reader, not only because I think having a bendable screen on one would be cool, but because I think it’ll do wonders in advancing the use of e-readers. While I am an advocate of the e-reader, many are still hesitant or resistant in using the technology because they feel that a book has distinct advantages over an e-reading device.

While it is true that books have a certain smell and feel to them, one of the most distinct advantages a book has over an e-reader is the ability to fold and bend. With e-reading technology catching up to the bendable nature of a book and other technologies coming around that emulate scent and texture, it’s really only a matter of time before we have digital books that resemble physical books in smell, texture, and flexibility.

Imagine this: a blank book that you can download any book you wish to read to at will. That’s what I want, and I think that’s soon going to be in our future. And who knows—this technology is almost here today. By the time the next two generations pass through, books might not even be physical things anymore and entire stories can be downloaded directly into brains.

I don’t think I’m ready for technology to go that far, yet. I still enjoy reading a book, digital or physical.


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