April: National Poetry Month

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? April isn’t just a month for appreciating poetry; it’s also about writing poetry.

I know, you have work.

School. Totally understandable.

A life? Yeah, we all have that too.

But this is April; this month was made for poetry, so put your excuses aside and write. Write anything. It doesn’t have to be perfect – it just has to come from you.

If you’re really up for a challenge, join other participants in “NaPoWriMo,” short for National Poetry Writing Month, which is an annual project in which poets attempt to write a poem each day of the month of April.


Reading poetry is probably the easy part of the equation, so at the very least, try and read a poem a day. Did you know that just reading a poem a day can vastly improve your writing? It can. Not only does reading poetry lead to a greater vocabulary, but, as a reader, you get to see what techniques the author used and, as a writer, play with what you’ve learned and incorporate that into your own writing.

So, this April, challenge yourself to at least read one poem a day, and if you’re brave, take up the challenge of writing at least one poem a day. You might find this habit continues past April and infiltrates your life. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.

-Amanda Riggle and David Pulido

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