Tamara Trujillo’s Summer Creative Writing Class at Fullerton College

Tamara Trujillo is offering, for the second time ever in Fullerton College’s history, a Creative Writing course over the summer session. What makes her qualified to teach such a course? Not only is she a professor at Fullerton College, but she is also a published author. Much of Tamara’s poetry has been published and we are lucky enough to have one of her unpublished poems to share with you today.


Most nights, the sewing machine whirred from my parents’ room next door, mother obsessed with perfection. It was a tedious process: pairing our hopes in the shape of a pattern, selecting fabric for the thin paper frame, lining up seams, rethreading the machine, hours of holding still under the delicate prick of the needle. In the sleepy evening, I would stand in front of her long mirror as she pinned the flimsy outline around my form, tracing my body with her long, natural nails. She would sit with her tanned, slim legs tucked under her as she hemmed pant cuffs that flared at the end, or ankle-length dresses with bibbed fronts. If I looked down at her as she worked, I could lose myself in the crown of her expertly-coiffed beehive, swirls of brown floating me closer towards something like love but never reaching anything that ever actually fit.

The summer Creative Writing Course will focus on poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. The course is offered as English 105 and will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays nights – a great change from normal summer classes, where a student has to attend every day (trust me, I’ve gone before). To enroll you must be registered at Fullerton College and have earned a “C” or higher in English 100. For more information, visit the Fullerton College website at WWW.FullColl.Edu under the class schedule tab or email Tamara at ttrujillo@fullcoll.edu.


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