Pentametron Uncovering the Poetry of Twitter

With the help of a computer program, @pentametron is uncovering the poetry behind tweets on the popular social networking site twitter. Below are just a few of our favorite rhyming couplets:

That hesitation right before a kiss

I don’t remember ever learning this

Don’t matter what the circumstances are

Quit reaching for the stars and be the star

Eye contact is a privilege, not a right

Play secretary, I’m the boss tonight

Pentametron uses algorithms to uncover this poetry. Each word is ran through a dictionary to discover its stress patterns. If the words appear to be in iambic pentameter, the computer views it as a potential rhyme in its constant creation of couplets.

As for the why, the site administrators say it’s “To find inadvertent poetry in the endless torrents of language that slosh around the internet.”

And that’s reason enough for us.┬áIf you don’t do twitter, you can also view the tweet poetry at their website

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