Louis CK On Clifford The Big Red Dog

In Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theatre, the comedian discusses being a parent and reading books with his two little girls, specifically Clifford the Big Red Dog. Louis is critical of the children’s book, which was written by Norman Bridwell and published in 1963. Check out the video below to get a few laughs and find out why.

Here’s Louis’s main argument: “I hate clifford the big red dog. There are 50 books about clifford the big red dog, 50 books. There are 7 books about Narnia that cover the birth and death of a nation, and mice with swords, and a lion who’s a god. They did it in 7 books. 50 books about Clifford and they all tell the exact same story, look how big this dog is. That’s it.”

Most children grow up reading Clifford, a story about a small, red puppy, the runt of the litter, who Emily Elizabeth, a young girl from the city, chooses as her birthday present. However, as we all know, the puppy doesn’t stay small for very long and soon grows larger than a house.

While Narnia and Clifford are two very different books, the stand up is still fun to watch, especially the comedian’s own version of Clifford, where the giant dog steps on a cop and gets the death penalty, an usually dark version of the children’s story.

What are your thoughts on Bridwell’s beloved book? Do you agree with the comedian? Tell us your thoughts, and comment below.

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