Writing to Relieve Stress


To celebrate the end of tax season, let’s talk about stress. Stress can be good. It reminds you that you care about something enough for it to make you dizzy, lose sleep, gain ten pounds (girl scout season not helping at all), and worry constantly. But at a certain point, stress can cause a person to breakdown.

April is generally a time when people celebrate Stress Awareness Month, sponsored by The Health Resource Network. While I won’t claim to be an expert on handling stress well, I do know that writing is one way to cope. According to an article written for Harvard Health Publications, which can be found here, expressive writing is about a person’s thoughts and feelings towards a traumatic or stressful experience. For some people, this takes place in the form of journaling or writing stories.

Writing can help people work out emotions, move on, and feel comfortable enough to speak to others openly about what’s causing their stress. So get to it.

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