Alphabet Pancakes

As a writer, have you ever wished that you could eat your words? Or, at least, some letters can be put together to make words?

But Amanda, you might be thinking to yourself, that’s what alphabet soup is for.

Well, yeah. Okay. You got me there, but alphabet soup isn’t for breakfast, unless you’re strange. So, how about eating some letters for breakfast, in the shape of pancakes?

Now, there are two ways of doing this. One, you could pour the batter (if you have mad batter pouring skills) into the desired letter shape.

This is some mad free-pouring skills right here. Maybe they put their pancake mix into a baggy and cut the tip or something.

Or two, you can pour out the letter and let it cook for a few seconds, then pour more batter on top of it, encasing the letter in pancake batter.

Like this. I like this way, personally, because you get more surface area to smear peanut butter on, and I love peanut butter on pancakes.

Either method you use, you’ll end up with a tasty breakfast of letters. I feel like, if you get skilled enough (or stick your batter into a squeeze bottle) you can end up with words in your pancakes as well, or at least a bunch of letters that spell out a fun word, or a name.

Like this!

So, fellow writers, the page isn’t the only place you can express yourself creatively. Now you can eat words for breakfast!

– Amanda Riggle

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