Curse of the Cookbook

Alright, as most of you probably know, Paula Deen slipped-out a racial slur, which has caused a whole lotta’ hoopla.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting the N-word or racism, but I think pulling her newest cookbook, New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, from the shelves (along with other Deen products) seems a bit drastic. I understand that the publishing company wants to keep a good reputation within the public eye, which is a valid reason to not promote a book; however, why punish the book? It’s not like eating something from the book itself is going to morph and mutate someone into a raging racist that only comes out via the sight of hot light illuminating from a stove-top, causing them to ravage the town with mighty N-words of doom and destruction. A person isn’t going to look into the eyes of Paula Deen plastered on the shiny new cover and instantly get cursed with some form of N-word Tourettes.

In addition, if every book was denied publication just because the author did something or said something inappropriate within the public eye, there would be a depletion of  books in the land of bookdom. Somebody, somewhere, must have been a some kind of “-ist” author that published epic cherished books.

Seriously, your mission after you read this is to look up a commonly-known douche author and in a comment, post their identity, “crime,” and most popular publication. Paula Deen can’t be the only one!

Just publish the damn book, eat the damn food, and get on with it…

Besides, if people don’t want to become a raging Wereracist, they can just choose to not buy the book, right? Why does the publisher have to censor the author and deny their public the right to choose a cookbook for themselves? I don’t know…I might be looking too much into this.

What are your thoughts?

– Ashley Lunsford

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