A Library of My Own

I love books, as an English major, writer, and avid reader, I have collected quiet a bit of them.

I’d be ashamed to share my library though – I have one bookshelf with too many books, and a bunch of decorative boxes scattered around my room filled with the rest of my books. Besides these book keepers, I also have books stacked on my night stand, on my dresser, by the foot of my bed, next to my bed, and in bed with me. Yes, I sleep with books.

My excuse for not having better book storage is that I rent a room and have limited space. That’s never stopped me from buying more and more books, however, and I have started quiet a collection. I have books on Latin, Shakespeare, literature from around the world, pop-fiction (World War Z, Game of Thrones, etc.), fantasy, science fiction, history, poetry (of course), heck, I even have a ton of cook books (I like to cook), and so much more.

One day, I want a library that looks like this:

Desks and all. I need all the desks. Why? Why not!

This is the George Peabody Library at John Hopkins University – and one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, in my opinion. While I know my future dwelling’s library probably won’t look like this, I can fantasize about having the most beautiful libraries in the world as libraries of my own.

The world’s greenest library – in color.

The Sendai Mediatheque in Sendai, Japan is world renown for its beauty, both inside and out. The glass building also lights up and changes colors at night. I want my whole house to be like this someday, except, you know, less see-through so I can be naked without people looking at me.

Every library needs some statues. It keeps the books safe, somehow.

This is the Library of the Canadian Parliament – and I want to steal it. I want to steal the whole library. Would that be considered a hostile international act?

For more beautiful libraries around the world, check out this Buzzfeed.Com article with pictures of 49 of the world’s most beautiful libraries. I’ve shared my favorite, post which you like in the comments below!

– Amanda Riggle


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