Hamlet Across the Globe

One of Shakespeare’s most celebrated and performed plays, Hamlet, is coming to a theater near you–performed by the Globe Theatre actors. This is the first world tour of Hamlet in the history of the play.

On April 23, 2014, the play will start touring the world and will perform in every nation over a span of two years.

Why April 23rd, 2014? It’s Shakespeare’s birthday–his 450th to be exact.

He looks pretty good for being 450.
He looks pretty good for being 450.

And when the company says they are going to perform in every country in the world, they mean it. The company plans on performing Hamlet in 205 countries, including North Korea and Antarctica.

I can see it now–Hamlet in parkas.

Laertes can now use a poison snow ball instead of a poison sword.

According to TheGuardian.Com:

The 204th and 205th stops are already decided: the Rift Valley in Kenya – “where human life began on Earth”, Dromgoole said – and Elsinore in Denmark, the castle where Shakespeare set his tragedy. They will be performing in theatres, in town squares, on beaches and in jungle clearings. There are, however, many gaps and question marks in the plan.

Where are they stopping in California? I have no idea where or even if they will be coming to California, but I plan on keeping track of this theater group and seeing these amazing players perform one of Shakespeare’s timeless works, even if that means a road trip across country to another state.

I should amend myself–ESPECIALLY if it involve a road trip across country to another state.

While I’ve always wanted to go to England and see a Shakespeare play in the new Globe Theatre, I will settle for having the Globe Theatre come to me. Not only is this global undertaking historic, but it’s a down right amazing quest to celebrate Shakespeare and unite people across the world in this group’s interpretation of Hamlet.

So if you are a fan of Shakespeare as I am, you cannot miss this opportunity to see Hamlet performed by the Globe Theatre company. If they only do one show in the U.S., I hope to see you there.

– Amanda Riggle

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