4 Reasons to Crack Open Atwood’s New Novel MaddAddam

17262203The end of the year is almost here. If you’re looking for one more book to squeeze in between classes or meetings, check out Margaret Atwood’s newly published book MaddAddam.

1. MaddAddam is the third installment of Atwood’s dystopian trilogy. Okay, so I’m kind of cheating here because, really, reason number 1 is three reasons. You’ll be forced to read the first two books, Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood, which happen to be two of my favorite novels. They each take place during the same time frame, but from the perspective of different characters. It’s an apocalyptic future where humans have divided into various religious sects, like the God’s Gardeners, and the animals roaming the streets have been genetically modified (as well as the food, I might mention).

2. Atwood is someone who we should all look up to as a role model. She had a dream, and she made it happen. In her school yearbook, she wrote that she wanted to write the great Canadian novel, and today, she is said to be one of the authors whose work has come to define Canadian literature. And by this, I mean her creative works, but Atwood also wrote a book, Survival, which literally does define Canadian literature as well.

3. Her books have changed people’s lives, and, yet, she’s completely modest about this fact:

“People come up to you and say, ‘Your writing has changed my life.’ What they really mean is you’ve changed the way they look at the world. If something of yours happens to be of help to them that’s wonderful, but it wasn’t me waving any kind of magic wand – the book is the intermediary.”

I don’t know, Atwood. That hair is pretty magical.

4. And if you’re a writer, then the best reason to read Atwood’s series is simply to read the result of a great author’s hard work, which, again, she is also modest about.

“You always think, ‘Oh, if only I had a little chalet in the mountains! How great that would be and I’d do all this writing…’ Except, no, I wouldn’t. I’d do the same amount of writing I do now and the rest of the time I’d go stir crazy. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment you’ll never write a thing because it will never arrive. I have no routine. I have no foolproof anything. There’s nothing foolproof.”

Want to read more about Margaret Atwood, check out Telegraph’s recent interview with the author.

– Melanie Figueroa

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