Schoolhouse Rock – The Best Way to Learn Grammar.

When you hear the name Schoolhouse Rock, do images of conjunctions and bills becoming laws float around in your head? They should. If not, you had a deprived childhood. But fear not! The videos below are here to help you not only become acquainted with this magical childhood learning aid, but to also help you learn grammar.

Need help with adjectives? This video is great for unpacking them.

Or maybe adverbs?

If the lovely preposition gives you a hard time, this video is great.

Or maybe – just maybe, you need help with interjections.

If you are unclear on what a subject is or what a predicate is, this video will help you.

And, NOUNS! Why not?

And, probably the most famous of the grammar Schoolhouse Rock videos, conjunction junction!

I hope you enjoy these videos, and remember, learning about grammar can be fun! Now, someone please tell that to my grammar teacher. Maybe I’d have less boring grammar homework then and more Schoolhouse Rock videos.
– Amanda Riggle


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