A Book Worm’s Dream Home

Let’s take a tour of what a dream home for book lovers might look like, shall we?

We begin in the front yard. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows, so what can a book lover do to display their love of books throughout the seasons? Book bricks. What’s that? It’s books painted on bricks. If you have the time to do it yourself, this is one way to display–to people that don’t even know you–your love of books.

The porch also has a couple of lounge chairs.

Upon entering the home, there is a table to your right. The table has a book lamp on it. (Not too sure about that lamp shade though…).

As you walk further into the house past the foyer, you enter the living space, which includes a coffee table,

a reading chair,

a phone,

and a wall of book art.

You walk down the hallway and notice the guest bedroom. On one wall is a full chapter of Harry Potter, or your favorite novel

The bed has personalized book pillows.

On the nightstand is a book clock.

You re-enter the hallway and notice a bathroom. Inside it, you notice the tile walls resemble a library.

The towels are penguin books.

Back out in the hallway, you continue on to the end of the hall where the master bedroom is. The bedding has a story on it.

The nightstand has another book clock.

At one end of the master bedroom is a reading nook, or book nook.

One of the book shelves has awesome book ends.

The master bathroom is where the tour ends. The shower curtain is your favorite book series (not necessarily The Hardy Boys).

And when you go anywhere outside the home, you can bring your book bag, telling the world exactly who you are.

A lot of these are D.I.Y., so knock yourself out creating personalized versions of these wonderful home things! Anything else you’d like to see on this list? Share in the comments below!

– Allison Bellows


  1. Siobhan

    I love this post! I keep a Pinterest board of cool bookish house things that I see, but my boyfriend would never let me do them in ours on the same scale… I have to sneak in little touches here and there. Do you know how they made those book bricks? I’d love to try.

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