Reader Submitted Poetry – “Ignore”

Davebrooks714 submitted a poem, just for fun, to our blog. So we decided to put it up to share what we like about it and open it up to comments from our users. Here’s the poem.

When I have a poem I do not write about,
all day it feels like a hunger beneath my hunger.

I wake in the morning of beautiful movie scenes
in between the falling of autumn clouds
and I feel naked without writing,
angry without writing, useless without writing;

All I know is how to leave a room
and forget to lock the door when
come wandering in are
other things to make a mess
and keep me busy cleaning.

I’m too young to play these games,
when this sunset walks away
down the avenue
of a beautiful horizon.

All I want to do is write the
memories I have seen this day,
yet always through the nights,
somehow restless I remain
with countless troubles left
dancing like
waltzes in my head.

I really appreciate this poem and like it on so many levels.

First, the subject matter. A poem about a passion for writing – I think that’s fairly fitting in our blog. Second, I like a lot of the imagery used in here. I can see myself walking down an avenue looking at the sun setting on the horizon. I can feel myself frantically cleaning because I’m avoiding doing things that need to be done.

Davebrooks714 is also smart with his poem. There’s some close repetition of words which is interesting (hunger, hunger, writing, writing) which acts to draw attention to those words, and then there are contrasting images in mess and cleaning, day and night.

So other readers of this blog, what do you think of this poem? Let us, and Davidbrooks714, know in the comments below and feel free to submit your work for review on our submissions page.

– Amanda Riggle


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