All The Things I Want for Christmas

I’m going to be clear and straightforward with this blog post – this isn’t a gift list for other people, this isn’t a list of neat book things, this list is specifically things I want this holiday season. Why? Because I can. And they are all book related. And you might want some of these too.

Early on in the blog, I made a post about my friend Kaylee’s shop on Etsy.Com featuring tons of nerd gear in the form of buttons, thongs, notebooks, and t-shirts. Her stuff is still up and she’s always adding new awesome things that I want to own to her shop.

Like her thongs:

I can think of no better quote from Harry Potter to put on a pair of panties.
Ahem, his name is Jamie.

Or some of her buttons:

This is why I have a piano. Now I just need the cat.
Among other lifelong habits.

Back in September I made a list of Shakespeare Gear on and, honestly, I want everything listed in that post.

Like The Complete Works of Shakespeare bag:

This bag is perfect to stick a book into.

These awesome journals with Shakespeare themes:

Tragedy, comedy, history – you could write all three in these notebooks.

And, of course, is always being updated with new stuff, like this awesome poster I now love:

Who doesn’t want a large bloody dagger with a rose on top hanging in their room? No one I want to know, that’s for sure.

And, finally, in May I wrote a post about The Great Gatsby, one of my favorite American novels, after I saw the latest movie (which Hannah and I liked, which no one else seemed to like). This post included, of course, a ton of awesome stuff from that, again, I want to own.

This t-shirt is still one of my favorites:

I can feel the disillusionment already.

This poster kicks all sorts of butts as well:

I just love that the green light is breaking through the fog in the background.

So cheers to you this holiday season and maybe you’ll find a thing or two you like among the many posts about and book-related gear we post on here all the time. What can we say? We’re nerds and we love not only reading books, but wearing book-inspired items as well.

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