All The Things I Want for Christmas

I’m going to be clear and straightforward with this blog post – this isn’t a gift list for other people, this isn’t a list of neat book things, this list is specifically things I want this holiday season. Why? Because I can. And they are all book related. And you might want some of these too.

Early on in the blog, I made a post about my friend Kaylee’s shop on Etsy.Com featuring tons of nerd gear in the form of buttons, thongs, notebooks, and t-shirts. Her stuff is still up and she’s always adding new awesome things that I want to own to her shop.

Like her thongs:

I can think of no better quote from Harry Potter to put on a pair of panties.
Ahem, his name is Jamie.

Or some of her buttons:

This is why I have a piano. Now I just need the cat.
Among other lifelong habits.

Back in September I made a list of Shakespeare Gear on and, honestly, I want everything listed in that post.

Like The Complete Works of Shakespeare bag:

This bag is perfect to stick a book into.

These awesome journals with Shakespeare themes:

Tragedy, comedy, history – you could write all three in these notebooks.

And, of course, is always being updated with new stuff, like this awesome poster I now love:

Who doesn’t want a large bloody dagger with a rose on top hanging in their room? No one I want to know, that’s for sure.

And, finally, in May I wrote a post about The Great Gatsby, one of my favorite American novels, after I saw the latest movie (which Hannah and I liked, which no one else seemed to like). This post included, of course, a ton of awesome stuff from that, again, I want to own.

This t-shirt is still one of my favorites:

I can feel the disillusionment already.

This poster kicks all sorts of butts as well:

I just love that the green light is breaking through the fog in the background.

So cheers to you this holiday season and maybe you’ll find a thing or two you like among the many posts about and book-related gear we post on here all the time. What can we say? We’re nerds and we love not only reading books, but wearing book-inspired items as well.

Amanda Riggle

Amanda Riggle

Amanda is the Managing Editor at The Poetics Project and of The Socialist, the national magazine of The Socialist Party USA, as well as the Lead Editor of Pomona Valley Review's upcoming 11th issue. She graduated with a BA in English Education and a minor in Political Science. She is currently enrolled in an English MA program with an emphasis in Literature. During her free time, Amanda enjoys writing poetry, reading, traveling, crocheting, watching entire seasons of campy shows on Netflix, and, of course, writing blogs.
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