From Amora to Zatanna: December 2013


Nicole Neitzke

Nicole Neitzke

Hello all! This is your monthly comic fanatic blogger, Nicole Neitzke, reporting for her first blog entry! First, let me introduce myself by briefly sharing my “geek cred” so that you all know where I stand with my comic knowledge. As a kid, I read specific comics, mainly Spiderman and Xmen, and stuck with what I liked. This cultivated an almost unhealthy obsession with Spiderman, who is in fact my favorite superhero still. As I grew older, however, I ventured out and read about other superhero teams and universes entirely. As of now, I am more knowledgable about the Marvel universe and everything encompassed in it, while my DC knowledge is still growing. However, I really do enjoy the “adult” branch of DC known as Vertigo, and I feel that I have a decent grip on the ins-and-outs of that comic franchise. (There are obviously more comic brands, but I’m sure we will discuss those in detail later.) I am always willing to expand my comic knowledge and would appreciate any and all feedback you, the readers, might have for me.

Now enough about me for now, we have ample time to get to know one another. Let’s talk about someone who has made a major impact on the comic community as we know it and is celebrating his 91st birthday today. That’s right, he is your Generalissimo and mine, Stan (the Man) Lee.

In celebration of his birthday, I wanted to share five things you “may not” know about Stan Lee:

1. On this day 91 years ago, Stanley Martin Lieber was born, but you may know him better as Stan Lee. Stan needed to create a pen name for his comic career, and so he took his first name and split it. He wanted to save his real name for a more prominent position, such as his acting career. Needless to say, we all pretty much know who “Stan Lee” is.

This guy (Credit:

This guy (Credit:

2. When Stan started in the comic biz, he worked as an assistant for Joe Simon and Jack Kirby of Timely Comics, which was known for its Captain America comic book (so no, Stan did not create Captain America). Once the duo left the company, Stan was promoted to interim editor and eventually made Marvel Comics what it is today.

3. Stan Lee was in the military with Dr. Seuss during World War II. No really, just watch his Netflix documentary “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.” He worked mainly on training manuals and pamphlets, but did the occasional cartooning job.



4. Stan Lee did not create Spiderman until he was forty years old. Furthermore, Spiderman almost never was! When Stan gave the pitch about a superhuman who could climb walls, like the fly in his office that gave him the inspiration, and called him “Spiderman,” his boss didn’t think anyone would want to read it because no one liked spiders! So, Spidey debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15 and was received incredibly well, thus launching his own series. (Thank goodness!)



5. Having attended Stan Lee’s second annual Comikaze this year, I have some ground breaking insight. Stan Lee has confirmed that he is teaming up with Disney to create a new series called “Zodiac.” I am unsure as to whether this is a novel or a comic (or both!), but what is more amazing is that Stan IS STILL WRITING! The man is a serious inspiration. Okay comic geeks, I will end this blog by wishing the great Stan Lee a very happy birthday! Until next month.


About foxinthefield

Nicole Embrey received her Master's in English, along with a Professional Certificate in Teaching and Writing, at the California State University in Fullerton. She wants to engage freshmen entering college by using storytelling techniques developed from fairytales and mythology they are familiar with and help them critically think about how this might apply to pop culture genres, such as comics. She is an avid reader of graphic novels, a casual gamer, and a ridiculous enthusiast of all geekery. Someday, she hopes to add "comic writer" to her list of titles.
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