Resolutions For Writers

Happy 2014 blog readers! Let the obligatory celebration and vast hopes for the next year begin.


So out with 2013 and that novel you didn’t finish, or the promise to yourself you (and I) didn’t keep about writing poetry every day and in with trying it all over again for the upcoming year.

Here are some suggested New Year’s resolutions, in no particular order, that will help you be the writer you want to be in 2014.

Resolution 1) Read more. Reading is the best way to learn new writing techniques so if you want to be a better writer, reading always helps. Reading also has added benefits like making you a more interesting person and keeping your mind sharp as you age.

Resolution 2) Set a designated reoccurring writing time. It’d be best to do this daily, but a few times a week will suffice if that thing called life gets in the way of your writing. Having a set time period where you continuously try to write will help your brain get into writing faster and will make writing into a habit. This also helps beat writer’s block.

Resolution 3) Download one of those word-a-day apps or grab one of the calendars. It’s always a good idea to expand your lexicon, or personal vocabulary (see what I did there?). Writers should know a lot of words – so don’t ever stray away from learning more!

Resolution 4) Edit your work more and stop calling proofing editing. This is one I’m personally making because I can write – writing isn’t a problem for me. I can’t write a few hundred pages a day when I get into the flow but I HATE editing. But mistakes are made, ideas can be revised and made to be more concise, and hell, some things can just be plain old cut. So getting into the habit of making one of your writing sessions an editing session, annually, will help your work improve because you’ll be making it better. Note – editing is not changing vocabulary or rephrasing, that’s proofing. Editing involves going deeper and changing ideas and concepts.

Resolution 5) Keep a dream diary or dream log. My dreams are generally interesting, but I do forget them rather quickly (as do most people). Some dreams have inspired other writers, so why not keep track of your dreams to see if they inspire you?

Resolution 6) Seek publication. You’ll never know if your work is good enough to be published until you seek publication. Sure, you’ll have to face rejection, so embrace it and know that it’s something you can grow from. Don’t let a little word like no get in the way of something great.

Resolution 7) Join a group or community dedicated to writing and feedback. This blog originally started as a group of Writing Center Tutors on Facebook posting poetry and short stories for feedback and grew from there. Our blog also offers feedback on poetry and short stories from one of our editors and we post the work for feedback from our readers as well.

So there you have it, reader. Seven New Year’s resolutions that’ll help you reach your writing goal in 2014. Happy New Year!

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