What Rhymes with Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was a 19th century American poet best known for his poem The Raven, and short stories like The Tell-Tale Heart and The Masque of the Red Death.

And today is his birthday. I could go on about some surprising facts people probably don’t know about Poe – like how he served in the military and got kicked out for disobeying orders and gross neglect of his duties as a solider.

I could also tell you that Poe was the child of two actors and was born in Boston, Massachusetts and might have been named after a part his father played – Edgar, in William Shakespeare’s King Lear.

But instead I want to play a game, and that game is what the internet has done with Edgar Allan Poe’s name.

(Source – Collegehumor.Com)
The original caption with this picture reads – Quote the raven, “what a whore.”

Yes, well, you have just met Edgar Allan Hoe, a clever costume constructed out of a pun involving Edgar Allan Poe’s last name. This isn’t the only name pun out there, and most of all, this isn’t my favorite name pun.

Ah yeah. Meet Edgar Allan Bro, yo.

Edgar Allan Bro has become a meme sensation and, because I love crass humor and rhyming, a fast favorite of mine. This meme takes classic Edgar Allen Poe poems and stories and makes them, well, you’ll see. Here are a few of my personal favorite Edgar Allan Bro memes.

Yeah, so, this is actually a thing. If you search for Edgar Allan Bro on Google.com you get a ton of image results and, as with most memes, you can see that some people actually know Edgar Allan Poe’s work and make clever use of it while others have no idea what the meme is for and fail miserably.

So happy birthday Edgar Allan Poe. You lead an interesting life, had an interesting name, and live on not only through your written works but as an internet meme.

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