Twitter: Storytelling in the Digital Age



From March 12-16, 2014, Twitter will host this year’s Twitter Fiction Festival, partnered with The Association of American Publishers and Penguin Random House. Participants have until February 5 to submit their fiction idea to Twitter in order to be a featured storyteller.

A panel of judges will select the featured storytellers. A wide range of publishing professionals are on the panel, including Sarah Bowlin, senior editor at Henry Holt, and Diana Gill, executive editor at William Morrow.

So why participate in a something like Twitter Fiction Festival? A lot of people in the publishing industry use Twitter. Just browsing through the list of judges, it’s evident that participating could bring attention to your writing, which is never a bad thing if you hope to be published one day. Never doubt the power of social media.

Your ideas can be about anything—that’s the beauty of fiction. However, judges appreciate ideas that use the medium creatively. Past participants have created multiple accounts which tweeted as if they were witnessing the same event; they’ve integrated visuals into their storytelling; and they’ve even allowed others to retweet the stories, informing the plots.

Although the festival runs for five days, stories don’t have to last that long. They could be as short as an hour or go on for days. It’s amazing to see the outlet that social media provides today’s writers. Have fun with it. Your piece of Twitter fiction could turn into something larger.


About Melanie Figueroa

Melanie is the Editor-in-Chief at The Poetics Project. She has a masters in writing and book publishing from Portland State University and a passion for stories in all their forms. Her favorite book is The Bell Jar. You can follow Melanie on Twitter or Instagram @wellmelsbells.
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