Literary Jukebox: The Connection Between Books and Music

JOSH.BOSTON-LJDo you enjoy listening to music while you read? I know many people who do. Personally, it depends on my mood. At times, I feel that music invigorates me during the reading process, but other times, it can be a distraction.

At Literary Jukebox, a side project by Brain Picking’s Maria Popova, the blogger thematically matches a song with a quote from a book. A new song and book are selected each day. As Popova explains, the connection between song and book can be fairly obvious or more abstract.

In some studies, music has been thought to have a positive affect on reading comprehension. Although, the study makes no mention of the act of listening to music while reading, and some experts remain doubtful of the connection.

In a less scientific poll, Jade, a Goodreads member, created a poll asking others if listening to music while reading was distracting. More than 1300 members have voted, with thirty eight point three percent stating that “It depends on the music,” thirty two percent stating “yes,” and the other twenty nine point seven percent stating “Kind of,” “No,” or “I do it all the time!”

I can’t recall how and when I stumbled upon Literary Jukebox, but when I discovered it, I got sucked in. As a lover of literature and music, I have always felt there was a connection. Read aloud, many song lyrics feel much like poems. My brother assures me that Lil Wayne is one of these poets; I remain doubtful. Whatever your feelings towards reading and listening to music, give Literary Jukebox a shot. Press play, start reading, and open your mind up the connections and associations between the words on the page and the words in the song.

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