99 Solutions to Writer’s Block

Here at The Poetics Project, we’ve explored a few different approaches to beating writer’s block. One is to start with structure. We’ve also offered helpful exercises in writing that can help a writer overcome a blank mind or a blank page. We have also had posts that explore what advice professional writers offer when it comes to the craft.

Now we’re approaching the topic of writer’s block yet again and offering even more help to those who find themselves stuck in their craft. Sspock.tumblr.com offers a list of ninety-nine ways of overcoming writer’s block and we wanted to explore and discuss some of our favorite techniques offered by their post.

Write a couple of one-shots about pairings or topics that interest you. Let out all your ideas onto a one-shot to free all those ideas caught up in your mind.

I love this tip. It’s like playing six-degrees of separation with your own ideas. How do you get from A to B? Use your creativity.

When you feel frustrated with yourself for not being able to write, pull out a sheet of paper or a blank document and make a list of your accomplishments as a writer, such as “I wrote for 20 minutes everyday last week” or “My story got positive reviews on WattPad.” Whenever you feel bad about your writing, pull out this list and take a look at it. It’ll make you feel better about your writing and help you lighten up and let out that story.

This tip is, yet again, golden. I often feel that a lot of writer’s issues with writer’s block comes from confidence and reassuring yourself that you have what it takes to write this story can rebuild that confidence and give you that much needed push to continue your story.

Do some editing. Go back to the beginning of your work and start working on your editing process, even if you’re not even halfway through the story. Correct your mistakes and fix some loose ends. Looking back on your plot may bring new ideas for the continuation.

Going back over your writing and editing can help you refresh your memory on where your writing has been and give you fresh ideas on where you want your writing to go.

Curse like a sailor. Just let out all your frustration with cussing. Make sure you’re alone, though, it’s not highly attractive when in a large crowd.

Cussing has been found to relieve physical pain, why not mental anguish as well? So curse, curse as if you’re Ishmale and Ahab chasing after Moby Dick.

Go out and buy pens. Pens are every writers’ secret pleasure, even those who write on the computer. Buy some pens, gel pens preferably, and just scribble with them a while.

I love pens. That’s probably why this one stood out to me. I especially love to go buy the multi-colored pens that have four to ten colors (Yes, I’ve found pens with ten colors! They’re big, but damn are they beautiful).

Hopefully some of these tips I’ve highlighted or the other ninety-four from Sspock.tumblr.com will be helpful in helping you overcome writer’s block. Maybe some of our past posts can help you as well.


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