From Amora to Zatanna: February



It’s that time again, comic fans, for another installment of “From Amora to Zatanna with Nicole!” For those who have been keeping up, last month I mentioned how DC is royally messing up their franchise and I thought I would explain why in this month’s blog. Five reasons why, to be exact. All these reasons are tied to the abomination that is the “New 52!” DC reboot initiative. Let’s get started:

1. Shipping Superman and Wonder Woman

“But is this really that bad?” Yes it is, because of the mythology behind these characters. Superman is in love with humanity, thus the relationship between Lois Lane and him. This relationship was not only witty and fun to watch develop, but symbolic of Superman’s deep love for everything human, and possibly even his psychological need to fit in. Wonder Woman comes from a land of Amazons, making her born independent from any patriarch and apt to become the ultimate feminist icon she is deemed today. This isn’t to say that a romantic relationship for a feminist icon automatically makes her “no longer feminist,” but something about pairing her with the ultimate masculine symbol leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

2. Wonder Woman is no longer an Amazonian Princess

So no more matriarchal Amazonian society, nor is she modeled from clay by the gods. Nope, now she is the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. For those unawares, Hippolyta is a character in Greek mythology as well as Zeus (who is more recognizable). Hippolyta is a human Amazonian Queen, thus moving Wonder Woman from Amazonian Princess of the Goddesses to a mere demigod. Furthermore, she is related to Zeus, the ultimate rapist in Greek mythology. That just sounds delightful, no?

3. No more marriages

With the reboot, no one is allowed to marry anyone anymore. So what is the big deal about that? Oh wait….


Yeah. Nice side-step there DC.

4. Harley Quinn Suicide Contest

DC, in an attempt to bring fresh blood into the franchise, asked artists to submit their work in response to the following parameter: “Harley sitting naked in a bathtub with toasters, blow dryers, blenders, appliances all dangling above the bathtub and she has a cord that will release them all. We are watching the moment before the inevitable death. Her expression is one of ‘oh well, guess that’s it for me’ and she has resigned herself to the moment that is going to happen.” Because suicide is hilarious, right? And apparently sexy, speaking of…

5. The Hyper-sexualization of Harley Quinn

url-1This is probably where I will get some hate (if I haven’t already), but does Harley have to be so sexual? I completely understand that Harley has always been a very sexualized character, as well as most female superheroes in the comic book realm. It’s something I have come to understand, even if I feel it is over done in some instances, but what they are doing to Harley in the new 52 is just excessive. Harley has always been sexy, even when fully clothed! Furthermore, while a tragic character complacent in an abusive relationship, she was tough enough to give back to Joker just as much as she received. But now? She is stripped (pun intended) of all that once made her amazing and is just made ridiculously subordinate. I mean…

Some might argue with me, saying that the new 52 is a reboot so therefore any prior mythology, relationships, personalities are now deemed moot. But these changes are damaging, to both the comic characters and to the readers. I am sure that there were other damaging changes made that I did not list that are worth equal examination and scrutiny, these were just the ones that bothered me the most. However, regardless of the few who might fight for the validity of the New 52, it would seem that the majority of the comic world is not impressed. Better luck next time, DC!

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