The Grammar Rodeo: English, You Be Crazy Sometimes

Every language has its quirks. For example, it always sounds like you are upset if you are speaking German. In French, everything sounds fancy. Some people speak Spanish so quickly that it sounds like a motorboat. But English takes first prize.

Our language is derived of many different languages. English is comprised of Latin, Germanic, and even French to create an Anglo-Saxon collection of languages. We borrow from many languages to get the mess that comes out of our mouths every day.

This summarizes it pretty well. Strange how you can chop a tree down and then chop it up.


Of course many things happened along the evolution of our language, including the Great Vowel Shift, but that is a story for another day. Here is the history part of where English comes from:


Teachers went through a weird phase a couple decades ago where they would tell children that if it sounded good it was probably right. This is a terrible thing to tell someone who is learning English, primarily because nothing matches or makes sense, and even we native speakers cannot tell you why. I always found Ricky Ricardo to be a great analyst of the English language. As an non-native speaker, his perspective is one from the outside looking in.


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