Should You Pay for a Summer Writing Retreat?

Summer is coming, and that means, for all of us students, teachers, and other lucky SOB’s that get summer free, it’s time to make plans. I plan on writing this summer, and I hope you are too. Now, you can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars improving your writing by heading out to a writing retreat off in some scenic part of the country with professional/published instructors, or, if you’re poor like me, you can write at home and use the internet to find new methods for improving.

A great place to start is right here. We’ve got a ton of writing advice from all around the internet, and we constantly try to inspire you when it comes to your writing. This blog post is just a few past entries I feel will be particularly helpful this summer in getting your writing muscles in shape.

Reading is a great way of improving your writing, but you know, reading alone isn’t always fun. Why not throw a silent reading party with friends? I think this is a great way to socialize, read a good book, and discuss what literary elements you enjoyed and get feedback from others. Knowing what other readers like about books will help you incorporate those elements into whatever you are writing as well.

If you’re more inclined to work on your own, you could make your own summer boot camp and get your writing into shape.

You can also look up advice from your favorite writer’s, like Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, and George Orwell.

Local community colleges will offer creative writing courses, like Tamara Trujilio did last summer at Fullerton College. These teachers have experience with creative writing and the publishing process in most cases, so they’re advice is often just as good as the advice you’d pay hundreds-to-thousands for at a fraction of the price.

Another great idea is starting a common place box and file away information, inspiration, and your thoughts for later use within your stories. This will keep you writing and thinking about writing during the summer while also providing fodder for future writing projects throughout the rest of the year.

Whatever you do this summer, whether you are a big spender or a penny pincher, you have plenty of options to turn your summer into one filled with improving your writing.

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