From Amora to Zatanna: April


Welcome back comic fans. This month I decided to crack open my laptop and ransack the Marvel Database for some information on the more obscure superheroes. This month, I decided to look into the spunky blonde X-men member Magik, aka Illyana Raspuntina.Illyana_Rasputina_(Earth-616)_Uncanny_X-Men_vol_3_4_cover

While her background is seriously expansive and fascinating, I will highlight five particularly awesome attributes here. Let’s get started:

1) Illyana is the sister of another mutant of the X-men, Colossus (aka Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin): As some might have noticed, Colossus and Magik share a last name. While they have another older brother, who is also a mutant, it is the relationship of these two that the comics illustrate in great, loving detail. The closeness between them is one of the more touching relationships in the Marvel Universe as Magik is infected by the Legacy Virus, which later kills her, and Colossus leaves the X-men to find out how to save his sister, and later how to resurrect her. She returns this love as she coaches her brother, who has become the new Juggernaut, on controlling his need for destruction. The two even become a part of the Phoenix Five and help Cyclops “peacefully” enslave mankind. How sweet! loveit

2) Magik is a member of the New Mutant X-men team: By the 1980s and with Chris Claremont at the writer’s helm, the series endeavored to create an X-team that was ethnically diverse and dabbled in dark subject matters. Aside from helping her New Mutant team, Magik was integral in toppling H.A.M.M.E.R.’s Dark X-Men and Dark Avengers’ plot, while simultaneously rescuing beloved X-men leader, Professor X, thanks to her teleportation spell. Speaking of…

3) Magik is the ruler of Limbo: Her teleportation spell takes her straight through Limbo, which she is apparently the ruler of, thanks to her traumatic childhood spent there. As ruler of Limbo and a mystic, her powers are drastically enhanced. This makes her a fearsome adversary, which she is well aware of and thus teleports her combatants with her to Limbo. Another perk of being ruler of Limbo is the legion of demons under her command. But, as one might imagine, this darkness has its drawbacks. 4ffc3aced8745

4) Magik has a dark alter ego: If Magik becomes too possessed by the darkness within her, she becomes Darkchylde. Similar to Jean Grey’s Phoenix, Darkchylde is a purely destructive force that seeks conflict. When in this form, Magik grows large horns, hoofed feet, and a tail. This image is obviously very similar to that of a devil figure. Magik constantly battles this demon (pun intended) inside her and often flees her throne for fear that the darkness will consume her. X-Infernus_Vol_1_1_textless

5) Magik has magic armor and a magic sword. How magical! Aside from her demon form, Magik also can be seen sporting her mystical armor that seems to grow the more she uses her magic abilities. When the protective suit completely covers her body, it can initiate the demonic form, which leaves Magik in constant fear and questioning of her own abilities. Magic also has a Soulsword, which can apparently break through any magical barriers and take down even the best sorcerers, but leaves normal humans completely unharmed. This sword is a manifestation of her life force.

Clearly, Magik is a force to be reckoned with. But don’t just take my word for it, hop on over to the Marvel Database and learn more about her yourself. Also, I want to take a moment and reach out to the comic community! Are there any superheroes you feel deserve more spotlight? If so, comment me and I will look into them!

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