Literary Paraphernalia: 10 Pieces of Bookish Jewelry

As a woman, it’s easy enough to walk in the closest Forever 21 and purchase some cute jewelry. But you can be sure that thousands of others will be wearing the same cheap ring, and the quality is usually poor. Etsy is a great place for unique finds, including the ones we’ve included below.

This solid brass plaque has been set atop a leather wrap cuff. The quote? Well, friends, if you don’t know where the phrase comes from I solemnly swear that I do not trust you.


This is an adorable necklace with a picture of a young girl reading a book (with her cat and rabbit—so basically a normal day for all of us). The illustration was taken from a vintage children’s book.


These earrings were upcycled—created from a vintage newsprint Krispy Kan cookie tin. The edges have been smoothed, so you can safely show off your love of words.


I love the simplicity of this necklace, and if you’re an Emily Dickinson fan it’s a great find. The full quote reads: “Hope is the thing with Feathers that perches in the Soul, and sings the tunes without the words, and never stops at all.”


Personally, I’ve never understood the people who swoon over Romeo & Juliet—the story gave me a case of the creeps and the young couple’s love is not something I would try to emulate in my own life. But hey—here’s a sleek bracelet made with an old copy of Shakespeare’s infamous play. And I promise, we won’t judge.


The great thing about this book bangle is that you can get the text custom-made from your favorite book. But the designer is an English teacher, so either way you can trust she’ll pick some great words for your piece.


This bracelet comes in bronze or silver and features a cute illustration of falling books.


This necklace features a page taken from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The design is vintage and elegant, giving it a classic feel.


Really, I don’t have much to say about this necklace. The page is taken from a random book with the word “book” on it. This would be great if you didn’t necessarily want a specific book hanging from your neck and simply wanted to show your love of reading.


These copper bracelets can be engraved with the text of your choice. I love copper, and these bracelets are large enough to really showcase your favorite literary quote—before you decide to get it permanently inked on your skin.

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About Melanie Figueroa

Melanie is the Editor-in-Chief at The Poetics Project. She has a masters in writing and book publishing from Portland State University and a passion for stories in all their forms. Her favorite book is The Bell Jar. You can follow Melanie on Twitter or Instagram @wellmelsbells.
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