Pomona Valley Review 8 – Out Now

The 8th issue of Pomona Valley Review, an online arts journal, has been released. As some might recall, last year I had my first poem published within issue 7, and this year I am proud to say I have yet again been published within its pages. In addition, my co-blogger Melanie Figueroa has had poems published within this issue as well.

In addition to being published yet again, this year’s issue is extra special for both Melanie and I—not just because we’ve both been published in the same place, but because our poems are the first two poems featured within the journal. The theme this year revolved around reconnecting with the beauty of life and leaving the things that distract us from that beauty behind. In total, I have two poems featured in this issue and Melanie has four.

The first poem in the issue is my poem, Disconnected.

This might be the most unromantic thing ever, but I wish you were an internet browser
like Google Chrome or Firefox.
Hell, even Internet Explorer.
I want to be able to delete our history
and bookmark only our happy memories.
There could be some apps that would liven up our dull, pathetic lives together.
Or maybe we could reconnect and see the wide world through a small screen.
Perhaps then there would still a way for us to be compatible again,
if only we could upgrade.

It was a pleasant shock and surprise to see my poem there. While I had spoken to the editor briefly and he said my poem would work well first, I didn’t really believe, for some reason, that it would be featured first.

The second poem in issue 8 belongs to Melanie, titled Child’s Play.

A blue hue,
freckles creating
a trail, my lips

The color of flesh;
the tinge of red;
the porcelain white.
Details are left.

One pair of scissors,
one sheet of paper,
a snowflake,
melted on my tongue.

If you like what you’ve read here and would like to read more of our poetry or other poetry that fits along the same theme, as well as read some short stories and check out some pretty cool artwork, I highly recommend you check out Pomona Valley Review issue 8 and all of the past issues as well. I really enjoy this journal and I’m happy to be published in it yet again.

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