Literary Paraphernalia: Harry Potter (Adult) Party

The craziest term of my grad school career (yet) is coming to a close, and all I really want to do now is grab a drink, a few friends, and party. But considering the majority of my friends are also grad students studying writing and book publishing (and that we do nerdy things like “ooohh” and “aaahhh” when looking at cover designs), I figure adding Harry Potter into the mix might just bring this party to epic proportions.

I’ve done my research, my friends, and if you want to throw a Harry Potter party, here’s how:

This picture comes from a blogger who actually sells these labels, but if you’re crafty and have some design skills, you can easily print some out yourself. You can put the labels on bottles of alcohol and rename them things like “Polyjuice Potion.” For a full list of Harry Potter-inspired alcoholic drinks, click here. There are even recipes to make your own butterbeer.

Or you can just go the lazy route—which also works.

Quidditch Pong is also a must at any decent Harry Potter party. You’ll need to make hoops, which can be made using old tennis rackets. And you’ll also need to be sure that the rules are explained before the party goers begin drinking—because trust me, the rules of Quidditch Pong get much more intense than the few listed above. Each team is allowed to cast four spells per game and each spell has its own result. For a full list of the rules and spells, click here.

In addition to drinks, you’ll want your house to feel like Hogwarts and to do that you’ll need decorations. Luckily, there are a few cheap things you can do to help.

For one, you can grab some red lipstick and leave this message on your bathroom mirror.

You can purchase this sticker for $8.50 and put it on the back of your toilet. (I mean, really, we should all probably just have one of these for everyday purposes.)

Okay, so this gem was actually found on a list of kid’s party ideas. But I also think it would make a great photo booth for adults as well. You can easily make your own with supplies found at your local craft store.

In order for your guests to make a proper entrance, you’ll need to make sure to replicate platform 9 3/4. The one above was printed on fabric canvas. You can get the directions here.

If you have stairs in your home, don’t forget to remind your guests to watch their step! “The stairs change.”

Since this is an adult Harry Potter party, I wouldn’t worry too much about the food options available. But if you’d like to have a few treats for your guests to munch on, here are some easy things you can make.

Get some pretzel sticks and dip them in chocolate (and sprinkles). Create an “Ollivander’s Wands” label and you’re done.

Make some sugar cookies and frost them with the deathly hallows symbol.

If you do end up creating your own Harry Potter party, all I ask of you is that you share pictures and let us know how it went! Have ideas of your own? Share them below.

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