Literary Paraphernalia: 10 Necklaces for Word Lovers

Generally speaking, I try to find some clever way of introducing these Literary Paraphernalia posts, but the truth is, it’s just me, plugging away all of the literary stuff I wish I wasn’t too broke to purchase. But I’m okay with that. In truth, there’s something cathartic about putting it down. It helps me get it out of my system. And there’s always the off chance that my boyfriend happens to come across a post (yes, Chris, I would like ALL the jewelry) and decides to surprise me. A girl can hope, right?

In reality, it’s more likely that a friend comes in to class, waving her newly-bangled arm in my face and thanking me for introducing her to the literary Etsy shop that sold it to her—a page from a book glued to its surface. Hi Missy.

This week, I happened to stumble across a necklace, the words “I am I am I am” dangling from the chain—the same words I plan on getting tattooed on my skin one day. The words come from Sylvia Plath’s book, The Bell Jar, and while they may mean something different to each person who reads them, their rhythm closely resembles that of a heart beat. “I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.”

And that, my friends, was the inspiration for this week’s post—the Plath necklace being the first item.

“I am I am I am” Necklace

“The Great Oz” Key-Pendant Necklace

The Hobbit Necklace

“Down the Rabbit Hole” Necklace

Ampersand Necklace

Sherlock Holmes Necklace

I Love Reading “Read” Necklace

Typewriter Key Letter Necklace

Holden’s Hat Necklace

e.e. cummings Ring Pendant Necklace


About Melanie Figueroa

Melanie is the Editor-in-Chief at The Poetics Project. She has a masters in writing and book publishing from Portland State University and a passion for stories in all their forms. Her favorite book is The Bell Jar. You can follow Melanie on Twitter or Instagram @wellmelsbells.
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