Stay Cool While Your Writing Environment is Hot

California - the land of the congested road and 100 degree weather. Why do people live here again?
California – the land of the congested road and 100 degree weather. Why do people live here again?

I live in California. This past Thursday, the temperature reached 100 degrees. It was hot. I was hot. But, more importantly, my house was hot and I was trying to write.

It’s not very easy to write when you’re hot and sweating while sitting on a computer, at least not for me. Despite my discomfort, I had to write anyway, but I did find a few things that helped me stay cool.

First and foremost, I got away from the computer. I’ve noted that my laptop emits a ton of heat, and it compounds the heat already within the hotness of my room and makes it rather unbearable, plus, I hear it’s not great to run a laptop in the heat anyway. Instead, I’ve turned to writing by hand and typing it up later in the evenings when it cools down or in the mornings before it gets too hot. This way, my room doesn’t get extra hot and my laptop doesn’t overheat. For me, this is a win-win.

The next solution I found might seem counterintuitive, but I swear it works. I went outside. Now, I know outside is where the hot is, but the heat outside just feels more natural and less oppressive than the heat inside of my room. I went to a park and found a bench under a shady tree and I wrote. The shade made it feel much less warm than my room, and on top of that, the wonderful breeze my windows, despite being open, never seem to let in, blew gently adding to the cooling effect of the shade.

Finally, I found that cold water is a godsend. Now I know sports drinks replenish electrolytes, but seriously, we’re just writing and sweating a little bit. It’s not like you need all the sugar and salt inside of a sports drink. Cold water does just fine at keeping your body cool and your mind focused while writing.

(Sorry, every time I see the word electrolytes, I think of this clip from Idiocracy.)

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