Author Spotlight: Mark Chiusano


Mark Chiusano is a graduate of Harvard University, where he was the recipient of a Hoopes Prize for outstanding undergraduate fiction. His stories have appeared in Guernica, Narrative MagazineThe Harvard Review, and online at Tin House and The Paris Review Daily. He was born and raised in Brooklyn.

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TPP: Describe your collection is ten words or less.

Mark Chiusano: Far out in Brooklyn, growing up, sometimes shoveling snow.

TPP: What inspired you to write the stories in Marine Park?

MC: Plenty of books have been written in or about Brooklyn, but Marine Park is basically invisible in all that literary productivity. I wanted to show a different side of the borough from the land of popular publishing imagination.

TPP: What do you want readers to take away from your collection?

MC: A picture of a lesser-known neighborhood, and the best way to get kicked off a Brooklyn basketball court (don’t try at home!). If it’s possible to give away slices of pizza from Pronto’s on Avenue R that would be great too.

TPP: What advice can you give aspiring authors? What advice do you wish you were given?

MC: I once heard Denis Johnson say that he writes three minutes a day, at least, which I’ve tried to do since then—usually you write more but at least you’re sitting down and doing it no matter what.

TPP: Name two to three songs that would be on a soundtrack for Marine Park.

MC: Billy Joel’s “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,” Black Star’s “Definition,” and Z100’s morning mix.

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