Literary Paraphernalia: 15 Must-Have Writing Journals

I don’t write a whole lot by hand these days, but that doesn’t stop me from impulsively buying journals whenever one catches my eye. (Thank you Amazon, for that one-click purchase method.) Most of the writers I know share this habit. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of writing by hand, even when we know those blank pages will remain that way for a long time; that the journals themselves may be forgotten for years, only to turn up later, dusty but no worse for wear.

But lately, I’ve been using notebooks more often. Journals work best for creating lists or first drafts of poems in fits of inspiration—they can easily be tucked away in purses and bags. The act of writing things by hand helps you hold onto your thoughts longer.

When I came across the bucket list journal (a.k.a. the beauty right below), which has the added feature of maps on several of the pages, I knew what this week’s Literary Paraphernalia column would feature: writing journals. There are plenty of writers who believe that in order to write well you have to get out there and make your own stories—travel the world, experience life, and write it all down. The more I write, the more I know this to be true. Writers have to soak up life; journals are just the sponge.

P.S. Don’t even get me started on the Vintage Quote Keeper. It’s an adorable and convenient way to store quotes that have impacted you.

Bucket List Journal

Hand Printed Not All Who Wonder Are Lost Leather Journal

Daring Adventure Journal

Sylvia Plath Writing Journal

Medieval Style Leather Journal

Moleskin Writing Journal with Painted Squid

Stamped Rain Cloud Notebook

New Leaf Recycled Paper Composition Notebook

Word Notebook

Leather Ghost Fern Wraparound Journal

Anatomical Heart Pocket Journal

Work Play Bound Journal

The Little Engine That Could Spiral Notebook

Yellow “Stuff” Journal

Vintage Quote Keeper


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