The Bookstores of Berkeley: Shakespeare & Co.

As stated in an earlier post, I spent some time up in Berkeley, California, at a conference. I took a short flight up the coast of California and lugged my stuff into the dorm I’d be sharing for my stay and then I was free until the conference started the next day.

On our cab ride in from the airport, I saw something magical. I saw a book store. I wanted to go there, so after grabbing some pizza, I did. It was called Shakespeare & Co.


Of course it was the name that first drew me to this bookstore, but once inside, it was the books that drew me to this book store.


This store had a great collection of used books to choose from, including a section of rare books that I just wanted to touch. So I did.


Rare prints of books or very nice prints of books, like the Lord of the Rings collection pictured above, are awesome. And expensive. I couldn’t afford to buy this book, but I could afford to touch it, because touching in a bookstore is generally free.


The store had other rare books from authors such as Virginia Woolf and Kurt Vonnegut. Again, all of these books were awesome, but way out of my price range. I was still glad that I was able to see (and by see I mean touch) these books while shopping around Shakespeare & Co.


Shakespeare & Co. also had some really cute pieces of decor around, making it feel like a cozy, albeit overflowing, bookstore. This typewriter was my favorite piece of decor, probably because I’ve been wanting a typewriter for a while now. I should have checked to see if this one was for sale.


Used comics graced this shop as well, and I was impressed with some of the issues they had on display. I’m not a huge comic nerd, at least, not as huge as our blog contributor Nicole Neitzke, but I can still appreciate some classic comics when I see ’em.


No visit to a store called Shakespeare & Co. would be complete without finding the Shakespeare section. They had all of his plays, of course, in a variety of bindings. I also found a few other plays, two of which I purchased as a gift for my friend back home.

All in all, I had fun exploring this shop and I’m glad it was my first bookstore stop on my Berkeley journey. Next time I’m in the area, and hopefully with more money in my pocket, I’ll check out this store again and pick up a rare used book or two.

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