10 Office Items for a Futuristic Writing Space

Living in the present is so mundane. If you like to write science fiction or are just fascinated with the future of technology, a plain, ol’, present-style writing space probably isn’t cutting it for you. That’s why I’ve scoured the internet in search of awesome futuristic furnishings to create a writing space that takes you out of today and into tomorrow. First we’ll start off simple and work up to more extravagant office stuffs.

Staple-Less Staplers

This item from UncommonGoods seems simple, but it’s really ingenious. Getting rid of waste like staples and all those annoying staple jams is just one small step we can all take into tomorrow, for $16.00 for a pair of two Staple-Less Staplers.

Tengu Usb-Powered Character

Writing can be a lonely gig, but you can have your very own digital USB powered pal with you at all times in your futuristic writing space. You can put some music on and watch him sing along. Bonus! He also works as a futuristic paperweight. UncommonGoods provides this little guy for the low price of $14.

Multi-Function Pen

Have you ever been writing with a pen and thought “man, I could really use an 8 gig USB right now,” “man, I don’t feel like writing, if only I could record my thoughts on some sort of…recording device,” or “if only I could listen to my MP3s or the FM radio?” Well, this pen is for you. It slices, it dices, and it even cuts one potato into sixteen identical fries. Well, maybe not that last part, but it is a pretty nifty little device that is portable and can make any writing space feel futuristic for $35.99 on Amazon.

Laser Keyboard

I feel like I don’t really need to sell anyone on the idea of this, because it’s awesome. UncommonGoods brings us a laser keyboard for $150. It’s pretty much the most awesomest thing that has ever existed, so, yeah. Futuristic.

Echo Smartpen

This pen converts your written text into digital text and also records the audio that was going on at the time of your writing. I think this is an awesome futuristic tech device for writers. As the video above shows, all you need to do is tap on your notes and the audio going on at the time of that writing pops up. While this is aimed at students, I think this would be great for writers who want to think aloud while creating and writing. Being able to sort your writing by date is nice, but this program also gives you the ability to tag your work. I like it because if you’re working on multiple things at once, you can find everything related to one project more easily through the tagging option. The Livescribe store sells the student bundle of this software, pen, paper, and USB connectors for $149.95.

Standing Desk

So, it turns out that sitting down all day is killing us. This handy little desk from Amazon is adjustable and can sit on top of a current desk and extend to make it into a standing desk, or can be collapsed if you do feel the need to sit down. For $145, you too can die a little less each day and have a really cool little desk that pops up whenever you feel the need to stand and work.

Ergonomic Recliner Swivel Napping Chair

If you do feel the need to sit down, why not relax in a chair that folds out into the perfect nap cot? I can picture myself in the middle of writing when a sudden need for sleep rushes over me. With this chair, I can nap in the comfort of my own writing space and then awake to great ideas that need to be recorded immediately as I sit up and get back to work. This chair can do all that and more for $339 from Amazon.

Terra Table Lamp

When I imagine the future, I see a place where all life is a precious commodity in an otherwise destitute planet, like in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick. This Terra Table Lamp from UncommonGoods for $180 fits perfect with my bleak image of the future. Instead of diamonds and lavish gold plated items to show wealth, people will simply have living plants around to show off their wealth and affluence.

Lune Light

For a more Wall-E or Thx 1138 feel to your futuristic writing space, you can go with a Lune Light from UncommonGoods for $160. These lights are not only sleek in design, but provide a wide rang of lighting options to fit all of your writing lighting needs.

USB Typewriter

Why yes, I would really love this for my birthday. How kind of you to ask. I know! You must really love me to get me this $799 USB Typewriting for my tablet from UncommonGoods. But, seriously folks, how cool is this thing? The answer is very. Very cool. No futuristic writing space would be complete without a cool techy homage to the technology of the past.

Bonus Item: Puzzle Sliding Storage Desk

This item isn’t for sale yet, but it is still really interesting design. This desk is made to have the tabletop slide around, like those little puzzle game we all got frustrated with and cheated at when we were kids.

Why can’t I never get the tail to go in the right place? – 5 year old me.

It may have been frustrating as a child, but it would make for a pretty futuristic writing desk with plenty of storage space for all of your writing drafts.


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