Horton Moves on From Whos

You didn’t hear it here first, but I will say,
A new Dr. Seuss book is on the way!
When I was a child, I loved to read.
I had the desire and I had the need.
I could sit for hours and find,
That books were the only thing on my mind.
I read Aesop’s fables, and books with little bears,
All in the comfort of my favorite chair.
But I had a favorite author, as many kids do –
A man who rhymed Horton with Who.
Dr. Seuss was always in my house,
And I was never one to say no to green eggs with a mouse.
I regularly hopped on pop and talked to Mr. Brown,
And visited Whoville at Christmas when the Grinch was in town.
All these memories I have and more,
From the time I was little to a time even before.
While some words were nonsense, they all made a fun sound,
And that kept my interest and my heart around.
And as my heart grew three sizes or more,
I learned to love life like never before.
Children’s books teach more than lessons to kids,
They show children life lessons and how to become big.
Adult literature does this too,
But life lessons are best learned by someone that’s new.
As an adult I can look back and say,
That Dr. Seuss was there for me everyday.
He lives in our dreams and in our cats,
When we dress them up and top them with a hat.
He lives in our zoos
and our little fish – whether it be one fish, two fish, red fish or blue.
He even lives on my friend Ashley Loo,
Who got a really cool Dr. Suess tattoo.
When I grew up, I never left him behind –
I learned a lot from him, like how to rhyme.
This is what gets me excited when I say
That a new Dr. Seuss book is on its way.
Even though I am no longer small,
I will read this book, every story, and I will be enthralled.
And now that this is over, you should have a look,
At this new, wonderful, Dr. Seuss book.

Copyright Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.

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Thank you for reading my random rhymes,
I hope it wasn’t a waste of your time.

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