Literary Paraphernalia: Bookish Aromatherapy

With school around the corner, I know that, come fall, I’ll need to find ways to decompress after a long day. And since my apartment lacks a bath tub to soak in, I think that candles, perfumes, and other literary scents might be just the trick to calming my nerves. You’d be surprised what goodies you can find on Etsy. Everything from roll-on perfume with the scent of old books (for book sniffers everywhere) to candles that smell like Dobby’s socks (which I did not include in this list, because you couldn’t get me to take a whiff of anyone’s socks, not even Dobby’s).

I’m still not convinced that the real Dharma Bums from Kerouac’s novel didn’t simply douse themselves in a barrel of patchouli, but regardless, I am certain that any book lover can find something on this list. And if not, check out our Pinterest for more literary loot.

Old Books Roll On Perfume

Wuthering Heights Oakmoss & Amber Goat’s Milk Soap

Pride & Prejudice Earl Grey and Lavender Soy Candle

Butterbeer Scented Soap

Great Gatsby Cotton & Musk Soy Candle

Lavender Oil Fragrance “The Secret Garden”

Dharma Bum Cologne Oil in Cedarwood, Opium, Coffee

Oh, Bother Lip Balm

The Giving Tree Soy Candle

Winterfell Frost Balm

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