Literary Paraphernalia: 10 Must-Have Bookmarks

I’ve noticed over the years that there are two types of book lovers, the kind whose books become like an old shoe—worn and lived in—and the kind who treat their books like precious artifacts—careful not to crease a single page.

Of the two, I’ve always found myself to associate more with the latter. I’m a fan of hardcover books. I never dog-ear pages and, until recently, I almost never highlighted or wrote in the margins—only making an exception for textbooks. As a writer, I’m slowly coming around to the idea of highlighting and marking a text. After all, the greats say you have to read everything to be a writer. They say you have to soak it all in, and as any student whose every researched good study habits will know, marking up a text helps you retain that information more easily. Plus, it’s also an easy way to find your favorite passages later on.

Yet, I still don’t think I can sum up the will to dog-ear pages. My father instilled in me, at a very young age, the need to keep my things “nice.” To take care of them. Books are a privilege, and as one, creasing pages somehow seems like a violation to me. So instead, I use bookmarks. Sometimes these bookmarks are old receipts I dig up from the bottom of my bag. Sometimes they’re flimsy paper bookmarks I grab off bookstore counters. But one of my favorite bookmarks looks like a thin persian rug. My father picked it up in Europe during his last trip, and it’s now pressed between the pages of a short story collection by Stephen King—fitting, since he’s one of my father’s favorite authors.

I decided to dig around Etsy for some more unique bookmarks, and while I found many, I think one of my favorites (and I’m cheating because it’s not simply a bookmark) is the wooden bookrack below. This bookrack is a little bit pricer than the rest of the items in today’s post. It’s a piece of furniture, not just a page marker. The rack is a modern take on a bookcase, suspending your books in air with pins that double as a bookmark. And the designer of the rack really gets us multitasking readers, because, generally, I’m not reading one book at a time. Instead, I might read quite a few over a span of several months, switching back and forth when my moods change.

But without further ado, check out this list of must-have bookmarks. And don’t forget to visit our Pinterest boards for some more literary stuff and inspiration!

Wooden Bookrack and Bookmark Pins

Hold My Spot Hand-Stamped Copper Bookmark

Once Upon A Time Stamped Bronze Bookmark

Wicked Witch Bookmark

Author Bookmarks Set

Doctor Who Hand-Cut Bookmark

Jane Austen Letterpress Bookmark

Hand-Stamped Silver Spoon Bookmark

Bird Wire Bookmark

Dark Brown Leather Bookmark


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