Literary Paraphernalia: Book Ends for Your Home

I know it’s hard to believe in the need for book ends. In truth, they seem like one giant oxymoron.

When I moved to another state, I stuffed as many of my books as I could into my suitcase—carefully selecting the ones I knew I’d want to reread, the ones I hadn’t yet gotten to, and others that simply held sentimental value—and grudgingly packed the rest away to be put in storage.

Without my complete personal library, I find a lot of empty space left on my shelf. Slowly but surely, I’ve been filling it in, but there’s an art to the placement of books on a shelf. Books aren’t only gateways to other worlds, they are also beautiful products all on their own. I stack some books in piles, lean others against each other, all with their spines facing out—their covers each as lovely as a painting on the wall.

Bookends can accent your books, and below are just a few found on Etsy, all of which you can find on our Pinterest board!

Brontosaurus Metal Book Ends

Book Ends of the Earth

1970’s Brass Metal Owl Book Ends

Barn Wood & Edison Lamp Book Ends

Sliding Wood Book Ends

Shabby Chic Vintage Book Ends

“Don’t Worry I Got This” Concrete Book Ends

Vintage Mid-Century Florentine Book Ends

Vintage Brass Shell Book Ends

Birdcage Book Ends

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