Literary Paraphernalia: Grammar Gear, Part 1

Are you into grammar? Like, really, really into grammar? Does the misuse of they’re, their, there, your, you’re, it, it’s, who, whom, etc. really, really bother you? Are you an avid defender of the Oxford comma? Well, we have some awesome gear for you this week.

Sexy Grammar Tote

Dang right it is.

*You’re Bracelet

You’re absolutely going to love this bracelet.

Grammar Police Shirt

Put the pencil down and step away from the bad grammar, ma’am.

Noun and Verb Earrings

You’ll have a rudimentary sentence dangling from your ears!

Grammar Judging Mug

This is the perfect gift for the office grammar corrector that also loves coffee.

Grammar Buttons

With these anything you own that can be pinned can become a platform to express your love of grammar.

Oxford Comma Car Decal

Take it to the streets, yo.

Grammar Save Lives Shirt

Did you use your comma right today? It saves lives, people.

Literal Grammar Necklace

I wonder if one was a rabbi and the other was a priest.

To, Two, Too Mug

This is too awesome to not order two!

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