Literary Paraphernalia: Grammar Gear, Part 2

For all you grammar gods and goddesses, we have more grammar gear for you to take a look at from Etsy.Com. Why so much grammar? Why not! We love grammar, we study grammar, and we use grammar every day. We might as well celebrate grammar as well.

Grammar Owl Shirt

I would love to train an owl to judge my grammar. That would literally be the most adorable owl ever. And I’m not misusing literally.

Word Nerd Necklace

Say it loud and say it proud with a cute little pendant.

You’re Perfect Mug

Well, with the grammar correction you’re now perfect, that is.

Quote Earrings

Now everything you say will have proper quotation marks.

Irony T-Shirt

Ah, the internet. The place where grammar goes to die.

Tense Mug

Future used to be engaged to Past, but then left Future for Present. So, you know, it was a tense situation all around.

There, They’re, Their Bracelet

Never be without the proper there/they’re/their in your life again.

Whom Owl Shirt

Apparently owls and grammar are a thing together. Who knew?

Men, Irony, and Oxford Commas Pendant

A pendant after my own heart.

Grammar Nerd Poster

I’m not going to lie. The thought of this does bother me a little already.

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