Literary Paraphernalia: DIY Book Totes

Sometimes I have more books to carry than I have bags to carry them in. It’s a sad but true story. That’s what inspired this post of DIY totes. And, for those that can’t sew, I also have some cool DIY sew-free totes.

So, if you’re like me and need some extra totes to cart around your abundant book collection, look no further.

10 Minute T-Shirt Bag (No-Sew)

This could also be called a “Where’s Waldo” style t-shirt tote.

Easy Drawstring Tote

These are not only easy, but adorable.

The 20 Minute Tote

This is a great starter project if you’re just learning how to sew.

Fold-Up Tote

For those unexpected book-buying ventures. Just fold it up and stick it in your bag and you’re all ready to bring back an extra bag of books.

Grey and Yellow Tote

This super-sturdy tote takes more time, effort, and skill, but it’s so worth it.

Fat Sack Tote

For those of us with strong arms and a lot of books.

Library Tote

This bag pattern even includes a pocket for your library card.

Slouchy Tote Bag

This might be more purse than tote, but it’ll still fit plenty of books.

DIY Duct Tape Tote (No-Sew)

And, don’t forget to customize your totes with your own literary DIY twist!

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