Literary Paraphernalia: DIY Book Totes

Sometimes I have more books to carry than I have bags to carry them in. It’s a sad but true story. That’s what inspired this post of DIY totes. And, for those that can’t sew, I also have some cool DIY sew-free totes.

So, if you’re like me and need some extra totes to cart around your abundant book collection, look no further.

10 Minute T-Shirt Bag (No-Sew)

This could also be called a “Where’s Waldo” style t-shirt tote.

Easy Drawstring Tote

These are not only easy, but adorable.

The 20 Minute Tote

This is a great starter project if you’re just learning how to sew.

Fold-Up Tote

For those unexpected book-buying ventures. Just fold it up and stick it in your bag and you’re all ready to bring back an extra bag of books.

Grey and Yellow Tote

This super-sturdy tote takes more time, effort, and skill, but it’s so worth it.

Fat Sack Tote

For those of us with strong arms and a lot of books.

Library Tote

This bag pattern even includes a pocket for your library card.

Slouchy Tote Bag

This might be more purse than tote, but it’ll still fit plenty of books.

DIY Duct Tape Tote (No-Sew)

And, don’t forget to customize your totes with your own literary DIY twist!

Amanda Riggle

Amanda Riggle

Amanda is the Managing Editor at The Poetics Project and of The Socialist, the national magazine of The Socialist Party USA, as well as the Lead Editor of Pomona Valley Review's upcoming 11th issue. She graduated with a BA in English Education and a minor in Political Science. She is currently enrolled in an English MA program with an emphasis in Literature. During her free time, Amanda enjoys writing poetry, reading, traveling, crocheting, watching entire seasons of campy shows on Netflix, and, of course, writing blogs.
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