From Amora to Zatanna: January 2015


My apologies for being so late on this post, my dear comic fans, but time is slipping away from me so quickly these days. (I blame it on my final semester of grad school!) Stress aside, I wanted to keep it simple this blog and post a list of comic pulls I’m excited for this upcoming,2015 year. Let’s get started!

#1: Spider-Gwen
How was this not a comic already? The “What-if” universe didn’t even run a story like this, but thanks to the Spider-verse (and the end of the Marvel comic universe as we know it, apparently) this dream has become a reality. In an alternate universe, Gwen Stacy is the one gifted with the amazing Spidey powers and is unable to save the Peter Parker of her universe. It’s an interesting premise that pulls on our collective heart strings all over again as this beloved couple is still doomed to fail in the end. Plus, all female rock band with Mary Jane? Yes please!

#2: Silk
Silk_Vol_1_1_Lee_TextlessAnother spidey-related super heroine that is also a person of color! Cindy Moon was bit by the same spider that bit my beloved Peter Parker and was also endowed with spider abilities, though she a rougher time handling these new and fantastic abilities than Peter did (and that’s saying something!). She is currently running amok the Spider-verse, which in itself is a bit crazy, but I’m excited to she where her character goes from there.

#3: Angela: Asgard’s Assassin
Plot twist, Odin had a daughter! And no, I don’t mean the reincarnated Loki that seems to enjoy embodying both male and female bodies or this strange female Thor that I still cannot decide if I like or dislike, but a long lost sister abandoned in Heven and raised to despise anything Asgardian. Naturally, she has already been introduced to the Marvel comic universe thanks to the genius of Neil Gaiman (though prior to this even she was an Image property), but is currently getting her own solo run. See? I like other comics besides Spidey…

#4: A-Force
Just announced, well, today was the all female Avenger’s team! Some confirmed characters include She-Hulk, Dazzler (70s style?), Medusa, and Nico Minoru, while also promising to introduce a wholly new character named “Singularity.” With a writer like G. Willow Wilson and an artist like Margaurite Bennet, who could not be excited for this comic event?! Oh right, people who think an all-female team is nothing more than a gimmick rather than their own prejudice. “I just want good storytelling!” And why can’t an all female team not have a good story as well?

#5: Batgirl, starting with Issue #35
new batgirl
Okay okay, I know this story-arc has been going on for a while now and that I’m behind. But in case you haven’t noticed, I have a clear bias for Marvel and have been ridiculously angry with DC’s decisions about their comics (basically anything new 52) and movie adaptations (basically anything directed by Zack Snyder). That said though, I have heard wonderful things about this story arc and would like to give DC a real chance for once. How can I claim to be a true comic fan if I favor certain franchises over the others? In this series, Barbara Gordon returns to grad school, updates her style and superhero costume, and brings a certain “light” back into an otherwise dark comic franchise. And while there has been some controversy surrounding certain issues in this series, I still makes a valiant effort to be progressive. But hey, that’s just my take on it.

Nostalgic throw-back: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #1

When I went into my local comic shop to put these awesome comics on my pull-list, I ended up walking out with this little nugget as well. I loved the English dub when I was a kid and was so drawn to these strong, yet feminine, characters (even though I myself was a total tomboy). Seeing this manga on the shelf hit me right in the nostalgia, and I’m currently reading this now.

Amazing-Spider-Man-Renew-Your-Vows-2015-a906cSo there you have it comic fans, my pull list for 2015! You may have noticed that they all seem to be centered around strong female heroines. This doesn’t mean that I’m not excited for other titles (such as the special Spider-man issue coming this summer: The Amazing Spider-Man -Renew Your Vows), but I can’t help but be excited for comics that are clearly aimed at me for their target audience. Comics are getting more inclusive, which is something worth celebrating!


  1. siahsgirl

    Better late than never! I love the look of Spider-Gwen. It’s a welcome perspective as well. Super excited for A-Force! I am a huge fan of the all-female X-Men team and think Marvel has done a terrific job with it, so A-Force will hopefully be as good, if not better! A-Force also has Wanda, my girl crush so it has that going for it too! Congrats on branching out on Batgirl. I have the early issues of this run but dropped it around the Ventriliquist because it was just too creepy for me. 😉 I may look back into this one, even though Babs looks more like a high school student than a graduate student! Thanks for your input! It’s always a welcome perspective! ❤️

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