2015: A Moviegoers Guide to Book-Based Movies in March and April

Read the book, watch the movie, or, if you’re like me, do both? With this guide, you can figure out which option you’d like to pursue.

Out March 13th, In The Heart of The Sea

If you like the tragedy of The Titanic (not to be mistaken for the love-centered movie Titanic) and the whale in Moby-Dick, then say hello to your new favorite book. This book is based on the story of the Essex crew, a ship that was captained by George Pollard Jr. and was attacked by a sperm whale in 1820. The story of the Essex is what actually inspired Herman Melville’s whale in Moby-Dick. Author Nathaniel Philbrick reconstructs the tragedy that happened to the ship along with the ordeal of the crewmen drifting at sea for over ninety days.

Out March 20th, Insurgent

This is the second book of the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. War is going on in Chicago between the different factions. Tris, the main character, continues her story from where it left off in Divergent. This time she is faced with a story that pulls her through the world of grief, love, politics, loyalty, identity, and forgiveness.

Out March 27th, Serena

George and Serena Pemberton are newlyweds traveling from Boston to the North Carolina mountains in 1929. There, they hope to start an empire of lumber. Serena proves herself a strong woman – both in the lumber camps and out in the wilderness, finding herself at comfort in command of crews or killing rattle-snakes. The story turns dark once Serena realizes she can’t bare children, and her husband George has fathered an illegitimate child with another woman in camp before her arrival. Ron Rash’s story isn’t necessarily a happy one about a strong woman.

Out April 10th, The Longest Ride

I’m going to try very hard not to make a sexual cowboy pun out of this title. This story isn’t just one love story – it’s two love stories. Ira Levinson relives events in WWII that brought him to his wife, Ruth. Luke and Sophia are a young modern couple that are deeply in love. Sophia sees her future with Luke, but Luke has a secret that can drive Sophia away. How do these two love stories intersect? Read the book (or watch the movie) to find out. This is an example of Nicolas Sparks at his finest.

Out April 10th, The Moon and the Sun

It’s 17th century France, and Louis XIV is on the throne. He’s flamboyant, ambitious, cruel, greedy, and dominate. These traits lead France into becoming the most powerful state in the world by his fifteenth year as king. This history takes on a twist because the king isn’t just interested in making France a strong country – but one of the most advanced countries with his fascination with science. Vonda N. McIntyre creates this historic science fiction fantasy novel that combines history with technology and mythology for an epic tale.

The movie stars Pierce Brosnan and Fan Bingbing, but does not have a trailer out for viewing. For more information on the movie, check out its IMDB page.

Out April 17th, Child 44

Set in the Soviet Union in 1953. Moscow feels thick with fear and paranoia. Within this totalitarian atmosphere, a murderer is on the loose. Children start dropping dead and the state can’t bring itself to admit that someone is killing these kids. Leo Demidov is a supporter of his country and his state, as well as a Soviet war hero, but when children start dying he has to start asking tough questions about the people in power as well as try to find the killer. Author Tom Rob Smith mixes mystery, murder, and suspense masterfully within a frightening political atmosphere.

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