Happy National Poetry Month!

That’s right – it’s April 1st! And we all know what that means. National Poetry Month has officially begun.

So let’s celebrate poetry together. Here’s three great ways to get you started in your celebrating.

1. Share a poem a day over social media! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or whatever else you use. There are plenty of great sites out there, like Poets.Org or PoemHunter.Com, that have plenty of poems for you to choose from and share. We also have plenty of poetry posts for you to find poems to share in. You can have fun with this and make it thematic – like you can post a Shakespeare Sonnet a day, in order, or only post on social media in the form of Haikus. If you have fun with it, then your friends are going to have fun with it too.

2. Read a new poet a day! Not just a new poem, mind you, but go out there and find poets you’re not familiar with. There are many great poems and great poets out there. If you’re into American poetry or British poetry, try to go outside of the western influence and check out some work by Pablo Neruda from Chili, Li Bai from China, Matsuo Bashō from Japan, or Alexander Pushkin from Russia to get you started on your poet-a-day quest. You can also let chance play a part in your new-poet a day and sign up for Poets.Org’s poem-a-day email.

3. Even if you’re not a poet, you can always write poetry! That’s right, one great way of celebrating poetry is writing it. Don’t just write a sonnet, write all kinds of strange new poetic forms that you’re not familiar with – like a nonnet. In a month you should be able to knock out one really great poem that you can be proud of, even if you’ve never attempted to write a poem before. And we have plenty of writing advise here to help you out, or you can find new and novel forms of poetry listed on Wikipedia, which also include some examples of the poetic form. And don’t forget – you’re a writer. You can just make up your own poetic form or have no form at all. It’s really up to you.

Those are three ways you can get started celebrating National Poetry Month along with us. Throughout April we’ll be celebrating poetry in this blog and, because the date of his death was April 23, 1616, we’ll also be celebrating Shakespeare’s life and works as well. April is going to be a great month.

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