Literary Paraphernalia: Shakespeare Home Decor

To continue with our celebration of The Swan of Avon, I’ve found some really cool items to turn your ordinary, 21st century home into a Shakespeare extravaganza. It’s not quiet like The Globe, but hey, what in life is like The Globe?

Hamlet Mixed Media Print

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite nest, of most excellent fancy bird hats.

Lady Macbeth Soap Dispenser

You too can feel like a murderess cleaning her hands of her sins every time you go to wash your hands.

The Tempest Poster

Take a leap and stick this bold poster inspired by The Tempest up on your wall and see what devils come to play in your life.

As You Like It Stained Glass

This stained glass quote would look cool in any window or hanging out in a garden – wherever you may like it.

Play On Shakespeare Portrait

I will William, I will.

Shakespeare Quote Coasters

Not only do these keep your table from getting cup ringlets, but they make great conversation pieces as well. Bonus: memorize all the scenes these quotes are from and randomly recite them at your guests! That’ll make you popular, right?

The Tempest Raging Storm Mixed Media Print

This ship is not just rockin’ because of the torrent waves.

Twelfth Night Wall Decal

This is a great quote for the music and Shakespeare lover in you.

Hamlet Poster

Thirsty? Don’t drink anything offered to you by your uncle. But do enjoy this poster! I think it’d look great over someone’s home bar.

Super Cool Bonus Item: Romeo and Juliet Mug

Ah, the smell of young love. Oh, wait, it’s coffee. Coffee smells much better than young love.

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