Literary Paraphernalia: All Things Shakespeare

This month we’ve done lots of Literary Paraphernalia posts featuring Shakespeare-related goods. This Friday we’re continuing that trend with a pretty cool collection of awesome things from Etsy.Com – from bags to tea to, well, there’s a hamster in there too. I’m not really sure what to classify that hamster as, except really damn adorable.

Shakespearean Insult Mosaic

You never know when you’ll need a handy-dandy Shakespearean insult at your disposal, and this mosaic is here to help you remember them.

William Shakespeare Cookie Cutter

What better way to show your adoration for Shakespeare than to eat his face in the form of a cookie?

Shakespeare Pillow

I think this item is supposed to be for children, but I would totally cuddle with it still.

Hamlet Hamster

I can’t think of one damn functional purpose for this thing, except that it’s ultra adorable and that I want one for my desk.

To Be Or Not To Be Key Chain

Never leave home without Shakespeare. Or your keys. This will help you accomplish both!

Shakespeare Tea

What does Shakespeare taste like? Apparently lavender, spearmint, summer savory, sweet marjoram, and calendula petals.

Shakespeare Quote Writing Journal

And here’s a lovely little writing journal for you to jot ideas down in while you sip that lovely Shakespeare tea.

Hand Carved Shakespeare Stamp

I can think of a million uses for such a stamp – and I’m not even that crafty with paper. I could stamp all of my belongings, I could stamp all of my friends, I could stamp every paper someone asked me to edit…

Shakespeare Music Quote Guitar Pick Key Chain

For the music, Shakespeare ,or food lover in your life. Or yourself. You can also just get this for you because you love all of those things.

William Shakespeare Writer’s Block

Stuck on a writing project? This writer’s block can help inspire you to over come your writer’s block. I’m pretty sure that statement made sense.

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