Alan Rickman Reads

When I read, I don’t hear my own voice in my head. Generally, I’ll hear someone with a British accent. Why? Because I like the way it sounds.

And, after watching some of my favorite movies like Sense and Sensibility or, you know, any Harry Potter film, I get Alan Rickman’s voice stuck in my head. For about a week on out, his voice echoes in my head as the voice of every play, poem, and novel I read.

And now I’m going to get Alan Rickman’s voice stuck in your head too. Youtube – beautiful, wonderful Youtube, has entire playlists of Alan Rickman just reading stuff, like poems and excerpts from novels and plays. My favorite reading, because the only thing I love more than Alan Rickman’s voice is Shakespeare’s works, is Alan Rickman’s reading of Sonnet 130.

You can also find videos of Alan Rickman reading modern poetry, like The Long War by Laurie Lee.

And if you enjoy those two poems, you’ll love listening to him read Delight in Disorder by Robert Herrick.

And this other poem by Robert Herrick called Upon Julia’s Clothes.

Why stop there? There’s also videos of him reading Goran Simic’ Sarajevo’s poem Spring.

Here’s a lovely reading from Alan Rickman, Lindsay Duncan, and Gina McKee of a play called Old Time by my favorite playwright from the Theater of the Absurd, Harold Pinter.

If you’re looking to get lost in literature and Alan Rickman’s voice for a while, there are longer videos of him reading as well, like this video of him reading The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy.

And now you have Alan Rickman’s name and voice stuck in your head, if not for the week, at least for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.


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