My Brain got Stuck in a Rhyming Loop

When it comes to creative projects at school, my go-to is poetry. I had a big creative project due in one of my classes this past week, and I decided, since it was for Arthurian Romance, to imitate the Medieval French style of poetry. For a week solid, I was spending my nights creating plot and writing in rhyming couplets.

Let me tell you about rhyming couplets.

Door-hinge? I guess that rhymes with orange. Try working that into a poem organically.
Door-hinge? I guess that rhymes with orange. Try working that into a poem organically.

At first, it really isn’t that easy to do. I tend to use a rhyming dictionary when I start out, because my brain isn’t in rhyming mode yet. For the first few days working on an epic, 15 page poem written in eight syllable rhyming couplets, the rhyming dictionary is a godsend. I also use an on-line thesaurus to find words of varying syllables so I can force my thoughts into the eight syllable mold. A thesaurus is also useful in finding words that have the right concept behind them and easy rhymes – for example, the word orange is a jerk when it comes to rhyming, but using a thesaurus gives me all kinds of other options to that dreaded word – warm, flame, gold, etc., which are all much easier to rhyme with.

As time passes, however, these tools fade as the brain starts thinking in rhyme. I’m not kidding – on the third day of working with my project until the day it was due, my brain was rhyming. And so the downside of rhyming started to kick in.

At first, an occasional rhyme when speaking would slip out. I didn’t note it right away, but a few people started giving me stranger looks than usual. As I continued working on my project, the rhyming became more frequent. Even in Facebook chat with friends, the rhymes would slip out. This is an actual conversation between a friend and I:

Friend: I have so much stuff to do.
Me: Same. This was just my first giant thing due. I have a ton of other work too.
Friend: Hahahahahaha.
Me: I slept for a total of 30 minutes and I’ve been speaking in rhyme. Everyone thinks it’s a hilarious good time.

This was not me joking nor me doing rhymes on purpose – it just started to come out like that. It took me a total of three days after finishing and turning in my project to stop rhyming on accident.

I guess when all is said and done, I now know how to prepare myself for a rap battle – I just need to write poetry for days on end in rhyming couplets until my brain gets reset into rhyming mode. I would be unstoppable.

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